Bands in town widget

I am designing a band website. I have used the Bands In Town Widget to display Show Dates before but never in Webflow. How do I put a Bands in Town Widget into my Website in Webflow? Is it Possible? Is anyone using a Better Calendar than the Bands in Town Widget for Webflow?
Thanks Dave

Welcome :slight_smile: I never use this widget - anyway you implement this to webflow in less than a minute (Like any other “copy-paste” widget out there).

  1. Go to this link:

  2. Add artist name (And change color and setting if you want)

  3. Generate code

  4. Copy

  5. Webflow Side - Add embed html inside a div/section/column (The width of the widget by default is 100% = The width of the wrapper element) – height - Number of Events -or- set height & overflow scroll.

  6. Publish - done :slight_smile: