Badge / achievement functionality

I am looking for a plugin / template that provides badge / achievement / learning progress tracking functionality for e-learning. The new dashboard on Webflow university is great example.

Many thanks in advance.

hi @xliang as far as I know there is not any template you can copy paste. While this task is fairly complex you will need good JS understanding to be able to do that.

good luck

thanks @Stan
any more insights will be much appreciated.

hi @xliang what research you have done on your own via google so far?

here is one paid tutorial from forum member @memetican so you can contact him.


thanks @Stan for the link below.

I’ve done quite a bit googling but the only relevant article was a Webflow blog post from Johnnie Gomez Algaz

In the blog post, Johnnie mentioned I quote:

Instead of using a third-party learning management system, we use Webflow to build and maintain Webflow University, our collection of articles, courses, videos, and other educational materials. This is a perfect example of a project that pushes boundaries, as our database of content includes content organized into outlined courses, discovery paths like search and browsable topics, and features like a filterable list of integrations. And by combining no-code with some custom code, we’ve unlocked functionality like progress tracking — so that site visitors can keep track of what courses they’ve already completed.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any further information.

hi @xliang believe me there is a lot of custom code behind as WF is ok only for design and working with backend in WF sucks. I presume you are not a programmer so easiest way is to consider take course I have mentioned or hire developer who will do that for you.

Good luck