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Bad layout design?

Hi everyone, my desktop site looks Ok but when I view tablet then mobile I’m having all sorts of alinement/layout issues. I’m at the limits of my Webflow knowledge and would really appreciate your perspective. Thanks in advance to any help/suggestions you can make.


Here is my site Read-Only:

No way to teach you how to layouts sites by forum Q :slight_smile:

In general:

  • On mobile - do not use fixed height for an element with text (Or set height and overflow scroll)
  • Avoid using “negative-margins” For V align (Only in very special cases use this trick).

This style is very buggy:

Follow webflow university (Endless videos):

See workshops (How to build page X or Y from scratch):

Get inside webflow templates and look at the styles/ideas:

Thanks for your reply and the useful links – much appreciated!
I’ve become aware the further I’ve got into Webflow that my approach as a print designer needs a much wider learning curve than I first thought. I’ll need to practice some basic site layouts and how those designs transition through the different break points. Thanks again.