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Backups not working - Sections corrupted/distorted after duplication/deletion of template pages

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Template -

(see images below text)

Hello all!

Really hoping someone can help me here, huge thanks in advance!

Summary -

  1. I duplicated my website and it’s no longer displaying images, containers or divs correctly across my pages.
  2. I’ve been trying to use the backup feature, but the same issue is apparent across my last 18 hours of backups. I published the site 40 minutes ago and everything is displaying as should on the live site (as they were in the designer earlier today) so there’s something up…
  3. I deleted the additional pages containing templates used from the Cards2 framework and then noticed the problem (90% sure the issue was not there before this point), however, I created a lot of these divs (such as the images on the homepage) myself, and it’s affecting an odd selection of custom and templated sections (all of which have been unlinked from their symbols).

What I’m looking to achieve -

Really, just to get the backup system working. Why are the backups from an hour ago not doing anything?

Can I not restore from the live site?! I really appreciate all your feedback.

Further description -

I’ve just built a website using the Cards2 framework (as well as stealing and adapting from other templates)

I duplicated the website within the Dashboard to store in my templates folder so that I could delete the additional unnecessary pages left over from the template and build. I deleted the pages and notice the pages have changed.

It appears that in the process of this (as far as I’m aware) It has corrupted or messed up the images within div blocks on my home page (see img ref 1). They now no longer display at all, whereas they should display as they do on the live site (img ref 2).

Additionally, sections on my ‘About Us’, ‘What We Do’, and ‘Case Studies’ have all messed up (see further images)

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

^ Image reference 1 - Webflow designer no longer shows the images and the text now spans across the page.

^ Image reference 2 - How this section should look

^ Image reference 3 - How this templated section from Cards2 is being displayed within the designer.

^ Image reference 4 - How reference 3 should look - as shown here on the live site.

Apologies if this is in the wrong form.
Please refer to the links at the top of the page.

Truly thankful for any help here!

Best wishes,
Jamie :slight_smile: