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Backup/restore deleted my filter options

Well… Webflow just f.cked up my backup.
I did a restore… and all the “contains” filters on my CMS collection items are gone now… Now I have to redo this again. It doesn’t matter if I go backwards or forwards in the restore section. Every restore is f.cked up now. I’m just done with Webflow being so buggy lately.

It’s on the page “Winkel”.

This is how it should be:

Readonly sharelink

I had the same shit an hour ago. I have mailed Webflow too.

@Thijs_Vandeursen Have you heard anything back yet? :frowning: :disappointed:

No news so far. I’ll keep you posted.

I have made a new project, with CMS and CMS MULTIreference field, making two backups… Both backups were unable to restore the filtering.

My husband also has tested this on his webflow account from his work. He also has the same issues .This should be communicated to the webflow community, because clearly it could happen to anyone at this time. And you can lose a lot of work you have put into your website.

Sharelink of new project

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