Backround Image on Mobile Nav

Hi guys,

i want a backround image to show up in my mobile menu.
In the preview I can see the image but as soon as i publish the page an view the menu on my device the background image is gone.

Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance


Here is my site Read-Only:

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I recorded a video for you which hopefully will help you out! Happy holidays! :grin:


Hey Man,
thank you very much for all the great tips. I just started using webflow and i come from the designer side so i struggle with some of the “coding” stuff :wink: The Problem wit the Background Image is now fixed and i am working on getting a close Button into my menu. To achieve that i need to build a custom menu with dif blocks or?
Thanks again for your help :raised_hands:

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You can add a close button in that menu. Make sure the menu wrapper/container is set to relative at least. Most likely it will be absolute I think and then add a new link block in the menu and set it’s position to absolute as well.

Hey Man,

I hopefully fixed all the issues you mentioned in your video. Thanks again.

I also tried to set up the close button for the mobile nav but it wont work. Since the page is allready published on a custom domain. I deleted my “close button attempt”. But i sitll want one :wink: Maybe you could explain to me how i can set up a close button. And do you know a script that disables scrolling when the mobile nav is open?

Thanks in advance

Sure. Can you please post the read only link again. The old one is broken.

Sure thing

@Noah-R Does the new link work?

Yep works. Thanks. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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Hey, could you allready take a look at my page?
Thanks in advance :raised_hands: