Background videos stop autoplaying after adding customized cursor


My background videos stop autoplaying after adding the cursor.

Could anyone help me to fix it?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Eve,

Can you publish your site to your staging domain?
I want to take a look at the playground page there to see if I can identify the cursor conflict.

In designer view, the background videos ( and zara ) are playing for me with the custom cursor if I exit and re-enter preview.

Noting for later-

Nice work by the way. the PADI ad reminded me so much of my dives in Cozumel :diving_mask: :

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply!
And thanks for reminding me that I can publish the site to staging domain for testing.
It turned out that it just wasn’t showing in preview mode, I got stuck bc of it :sweat_smile:
It works perfectly fine when it’t published.
If you wanna take a quick look : Eve's Design Playground

Thanks again and always happy to meet a diving fella! Just got my AOW in Sipadan :diving_mask: :v:

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Glad your site works smoothly when published. I see that often- the designer has a tough job trying to wysiwyg every detail.

Nice! I haven’t done any diving in SE asia yet. Sad I know.
But the Caribbean was great and Coz was nice for my AOW because of the drift diving.
NZ is gorgeous but I miss the crazy visibility and warmth. Sipadan looks incredible.