Background video upload issue in client live website

I have a video upload issue on a live client website. Webflow Designer won’t let me replace the existing background videos in the header or add new ones. I get the error message “Failed to upload background video. Please check your connection.” But my connection and the videos are fine, all other Webflow projects work well and if I create a new project I can upload the videos without any issues. The workaround via copy and paste from one project to this one doesn’t work. Also, with older backups it does not work.

It is really urgent and I would be very grateful for a solution.

Hey @Natri, did you try a different browser or maybe incognito mode to eliminate cache issues?

No, it doesn’t work in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and also not in incognito mode. It’s a bug and now I have a huge problem.

Why isn’t it possible to copy and paste a background video from one project to another? If I do I only get a static image.

Is there any other workaround?

Rename the videos and try again. WF has a similar problems with images with similar names.