Background video unable to fit or resize


I’m not able to resize a background video in any way. I’ve also attached an intuitive screenshot, to explain the issue.

Tried reducing heights, or percentages - nothing works - it seems like the videos are locked at 1920x1080 zoom, and you can only mask portions of them.
On this page ( it works only on desktop, but on tablet+mobiles it only crops.

All I want to get is the video to fit the width or the height of the container. Is it possible or not? I thought this was a basic functionality.



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I’ve just exported one by one 54 different video resolutions (for 18 projects) so they display ok on destops, tablet and mobile - I used fixed size DIV’s. I guess this is the official answer to the background video issue if you don’t know coding. Could work for a small project - around 25 projects (so you should export 25x3=75 videos with Premiere), and all this could take less than a day. I know with coding it can be smarter and faster, but I’m not smart enough to find a simple and robust answer in the forum :smile:

Hope this will be useful.


I resize my video in TunesKit AceMovi and then reupload it to the project.

Hmm… Any video converting tool will do. Like Wondershare UniConverter. I have chosen this program because it is lightweight and has a very fast conversion speed.

Thanks Chris! I ended up using Wondershare, but I had to spend a significant amount of time on trial and error.