Background video transition effect

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to add a crossfade transition to the background video between the end and start of the video?
I’m recreating a website previously built in Wix
and using exactly same video, however Wix automatically adds transition on end/start of the video which is very nice

If not by Webflow means maybe there is some general JS code for this?


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I’d recommend that you do that by editing the video, so that it naturally loops and you don’t need to resort to any JS or complex thing to make it loop nicely.

Also it’s possible that Wix did just that, edit the video. Here is the source video and as you can see, it loops perfectly as it already has the blend added into it

So maybe you can just grab that file and use in webflow.

(side note : oh my god Wix’s code…)

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Wix ads are just so damn annoying…


You need a website ? - Why not do it yourself ? :scream:

I do it with Webflow <3

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Thanks @vincent ! That was my backup plan to edit the video, just wanted to know if it is possible within JS :slight_smile: and I couldn’t find the video in Wix’s resources for some reason through Chrome inspector, so direct link is very generous by you :wink: :+1:

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