Background video that pans and tilts?

Hi Webflowers, I’m extiting to work with Webflow. Amazing possiblities! I have an idea in mind, that drives me crazy. "How to create a BG video, that pans and tilts, as soon the user moves the cursor. As they did at (the landing page/make sure to enable the sound). And if someone is interested in finding a solution – could pay some money:)) Every hint is welcome. kind regards. River.

Hey, not sure if the example you’ve linked is using a 360 video, i doubt so. You should be able to get similar effect with Webflow’s Interaction. Just set the video to be bigger than it’s container.

Thanks Denny. And Wow! I have a big smile on my face. I’m not sure, if I achieve what I’m looking for, but theses animation ticks are awesome. Thanks again, apreciated! River:)