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Background Video - Replace Video is Not Working

Working from a template, I am trying to replace a background video with my own. the video is far smaller than the max and when I select it, nothing happens.

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I’m having the same issue. Set a background video, and now I want to replace it with a similar video I edited (almost same file size) and nothing happens. No error message, just nothing.

I think I found the problem. The file name had a ‘+’ in it. Once I removed it the file uploaded with no problem. Beware of +'s

I’m having the same issue… I noticed that Webflow refuses to re-upload the video if the file has the same name. Emptying the cache will not help (at least on Safari), you’ll need to rename your video file every time you want to re-upload it to Webflow… This is an old post but we’re still facing the same problem in '21!