Background Video Oversized On Mobile!

Hi! This community has been super helpful so far, so I’m excited to hear feedback you may have to this issue!

On my website ( ) my Homepage has a background video at the top. On desktop, this looks great. On Mobile however, it is VERY oversized, which leads to the rest of the page have white background on the sides of the content.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks so much in advance!

Read Only Link: Webflow - Civil.GG

Hey @Civil, since your background video is wrapped within Div Block 21, try setting the overflow: visible to overflow: hidden for Div Block 21.

Hope this helps!

Hi! Thank you so much for your response, perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but this actually didn’t fix the issue how I thought it would. Any advice on what I may be missing here? Thank you!

@Civil, could you please share the published staging link so I can take a look please?