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Background Video (on mobile) suddenly stopped working

Hey all - found a weird bug (assuming it’s a bug - I may have accidentally effed something up).

I’ve been using Webflow to re-build my site, and up until today, the video background on the homepage was working totally fine across every device.

As of an hour ago, the video background stopped working on mobile devices (specifically two different versions of iphones). It just displays a static image. It WAS working totally fine, and looked great! But then it stopped. Not sure what happened.

Help plz! :slight_smile:

My Read-Only site is here:

Hi @Justino, the bg video seems to be working on my end on a real iphone 11, see here:

Background video support is variable, it may run on some mobile devices but not all and is also dependent on local mobile network restrictions.

If the bg video cannot be displayed as determined by the browser, the static image will show in those cases.

It could be the site payload went larger than the mobile browser is using can handle, or some internal limit that was only reached after recent site changes.

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