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Background Video Not Looping / Is there a Loading Progress Bar option?


Can anyone help me with the following two questions?

1.) According to other entries in the forum the background video is supposed to loop by default. My video plays once and then goes black. Can anyone tell me how to enable the looping because I cannot find it in any of the settings?

2.) When you first load my webpage it takes a minute for everything to load so all you see is a blank white screen for a few seconds. Does Webflow offer some type of loading progress bar or indication that the page is loading? If so, how do I activate this? If not, does anyone have an easy recommendation for how to implement one?

Thank you!


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Hi @eyeingtheworld Welcome to the community!

  1. I downloaded your video and saw that your video cuts off around the 43 second mark. The rest of the video file is black. Try trimming your video and re-upload it.

  2. You can create a preloader using the Load interaction:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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