Background video not loading in Chrome

Hello, I seem to have an issue with the home page background video not loading in Chrome at all unless there’s a hard cache reset each time with Ctrl +F5. This is not an issue in other browsers. Is anyone else experiencing this issue with Webflow? I’m using a PC, Win 10 Pro, Chrome Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit). It’s strange as the video is definitely there but requires a hard cache reset EVERY TIME to appear and play in Chrome. Thanks.

Here are the links that James is referring to:
Live link:

Works for me on Mac / Chrome 66:

Didn’t work for me using browserstack / Windows 10 / Chrome 66 (dev):

I’ll talk to the team about this.

Thanks, it was working again for weeks and last 24 hours it’s decided to stop working unless you do a hard reset of the cache. Take a look at and let me know if you are not seeing the video today 5/4/2018. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why and it’s frustrating why our cool background video isn’t loading.

okay so I just tried to load it in chrome when it loads the first thing I see is a landing I figure with a grey bg with slogan no vid. This is the funny part when i clicked on your logo to be sure i was on the right page and was truly on your landing and sure enough it started for me. You are right it is a cool vid. I think this isn’t that the page isn’t loading it but more to do with your id’s and where they sit and that your landing may not register that is on the landing. I had this issue when i put my Id for the landing on my Logo. By chance is this what was done for this page? if so what I did to fix this was ID the page start down a bit on the section so when you land it no’s your on the landing.

Okay so looked at your read only and found your home ID you are using a BG Vid as the holder/wrapper for the page try placing that into a Div then place the BG vid in the div and control it via the div then put your content in a wrapper/holder on top of that. Then make the content holder on top your Home ID, That or the First Div Holder try both and see if this works.

I am sure this has to do with this as i had troubles with a BG vid till I held it on its own div then ID the div not the vid. it is odd that it shows up when clicking the logo this tells me its having a hard time knowing where home is. I may be wrong and others may chime in and have another solution am sure but your welcome to try fiddling with it and see if it works for ya.

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THanks for your suggestion Nathan. Much appreciated and my designer and I will look into this. Interesting that the problem doesn’t exist on IE and Edge, only with Chrome and Safari.

Np let me know how it turns out. :slight_smile:

Hello James, how did this work out for you? I’m having the same problem right now.