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Background Video Left Justified


I am having some trouble getting my background video to be justified to the left. I.e I want the far right of the video to be next to the text divs on the right and the left half of the video to be cut off. How can I do this?

Here is my read-only link:

hi @HarrisonAireal you can achieve this with position absolute align:left, position:-50% as shown on screenshot.

The question is if this kind of design (pushing video out from element) is the way that should be done, but of course I have no insights why you have decided to do it this way.

More natural way will be to have video on background (full width) and on top of this video have element with white background and text.

But in this scenario will be visible left half of video and you require right half to be visible. Anyway here is solution to your requested design.

hi @HarrisonAireal do you need further assistance with your issue?