Background Video is not autoplaying

Hello Everyone, Facing an issue with webflow native background video element.

when I click on preview the background video autoplays. But after publish, the background video isn’t playing. I tried on desktop and mobile, also with different browsers - with none it works.

Can y’all help?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - F4 Immobilien GmbH

Here is the public link:

Not sure what’s causing this, but I’m not able to recreate the behavior on Windows 10 in the latest Chrome. The video plays automatically for me regardless of browser size.

ok then maybe its just a problem on my ends. I’ll check tmrw in the office again - weird anyway :eyes: thanks!

Hey Korbis,

It works just fine on my computer both in Safari and Chrome. :blush::+1:

im on a iMac Pro running macOS Monterey.

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