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Background video inside navigation menu?

I’m just wondering whether it’s possible to have a video background within an expanded mobile navigation? I’ve uploaded the same video I’m using on my landing page at - but it doesn’t seem to be moving/loading when I open the menu?

I’m assuming it’ll be something to do with the mobile override for video backgrounds that converts them into an image… Is there an (easy) way around it?

Thanks in advance

The video isn’t playing on desktop either at least not for what I’m seeing. Is that the issue or is it playing for you on desktop?

That’s exactly it - it’s within the default mobile menu container though so that must be where the issue stems from, it’s not playing for me at all.

Okay, that must be it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a work around on this as currently no video plays on mobile.f

There is no such thing as a HTML5 video bg on mobile. It just doesn’t work. on mobile, especially smartphones, videos don’t autostart nor play inline (they only play fullscreen in a player).

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