Background Video Help!


I have this code here:

Which i am using as embed on my page but I want to change the pre-loaded loop video to my video which is located on my desktop in a folder. How can I re-do the code using my video loop?

Hey @Quantumgo

Can you please give the code again as it is not showing up for me :smile:


How can I paste the code without it showing as a photo? :sweat_smile:

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Try putting the code in: and give me the share link :smile:

did that work?

Hmm I can’t seem to post a reply unless it’s been 6 minutes in-between replies… that stinks!

Sorry for the late reply

Here are the instructions :slight_smile:

Ok so you will first need to get your video file uploaded on dropbox then get a share link of that file then go to and get your direct link then replace the 2nd line of code from to your direct link

Then you have to convert your mp4 file to ogv with this link then download that file and upload it to dropbox and get the direct link to that file then replace with your direct link

Now you have to just get a screenshot of the video and get the dropbox direct link and replace to your direct link

This is what it should look like:

Hope this helps if you need more help dont hesitate to ask :smile:


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