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Background video filesize doubled by Webflow


when I upload a short BG video to webflow, its filesize doubles from 900kb to 1.8mb after transcoding. Tried mp4 and webm input, the same both times. As this is really a substantial increase while ofcourse quality is the same or lower, what can be done here?

Sample file for you to try:

Hi @cheechee,

Thanks for letting us know that your background videos are doubling, as this sounds like odd behavior.

We were able to create a test project with the provided video, however we were unable to reproduce the large file size increase.

The following short screencapture notes the test:

It can happen that a very small video uploaded to Webflow which is already highly compressed may have a higher end result.

File sizes will vary, but it is possible to have transcoding that results in a larger image. In general though, the lower file size uploaded the better.

Another good solution to create lightweight background videos is Flixel, it is aweome and produces insanely small videos:

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Hey @mistercreate!

Thanks for posting back.

I checked again and I can see that the problem is in generated WEBM file, not mp4. Please check the webm file instead of mp4 in your case. Just tried again and webm goes from 700kb to 1.7mb again.

If I am not mistaken WEBM was made specifically for good web compression and should be smaller than mp4?

I also sent you a screencast in pvt

Hi @mistercreate, any update on that maybe? Thanks!

Hi would really appreciate any info on this @mistercreate . Thanks!

Hi @cheechee,

Thanks for following-up with me, as this does seem odd.

I was able to reproduce what you experienced, as you may note in my screeenshot:

I went ahead and the engineers know so that they can take a look for us.

Thanks again :bowing_man:

Though I do not yet have a timeline, I’ll be happy to let you know of an update as soon as possible

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