Background video doesn't work on tablet

Hi folks! I have a problem with my project. On the main page in the first section, I have a background video that doesn’t work on tablet devices. How can I fix that? All solutions that I found don’t work as well. Thanks for the help!
Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Yepp

I visited your site. For me , the video is not palying initially on my desktop(1920px )but when I switched to tablet , mobile(landscape and portrait) it started playing and then when I switched back to desktop, it was playing.
In video tag autoplay and loop are booleans . So try by writing following code in your video tag. I think that should help.

<video autoplay loop ></video>

Be aware that if you are testing on a mobile device (such as a tablet) with power saving enabled, background videos will not auto play.