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Background Video Causes Entire PC to Freeze Up

Hi, I added a background video element to my site (it was uploaded to webflow at around 2MB and is in HD720 scale). Initially the video wasn’t playing but I assigned a z-index value to zero and then also added a div to add an overlay as the overlay wasn’t working in the way that your demo video shows.
Now though, when I preview the site, the video playback locks up intermittently and sometimes my entire PC locks up intermittently too! The PC is an i7 media creating PC with lots of RAM and a 1060 GTX GFX card - so I don’t usually experience this kind of issue. A 2MB video obviously shouldn’t be causing this anyway. I am using Firefox on win10 64 bit, but my friend says he see similar using chrome on his laptop.
I am able to view videos backgrounds on other sites just fine. Anyone know what’s the cause here?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Rule out the background video by removing it and testing. Make sure that is your culprit.

In the end I restarted the browser and it seems to be ok now. I think on my machine it was an issue with Firefox and on my friend’s machine it was his internet connection failing - combining to give the impression of a general problem with the video.

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