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Background Video behind NavBar


I’ve set up a Navigation Bar as a Symbol with transparent background
Logo on the left, menu on the right

Under i set a Background Video.
I want the video to be under the NavBar so i set the margin-top to -60px.

The problem is that the width of the video shrink between the logo and the menu.

How could i keep the width of the video to 100% ?

Thank you

I’ve succeded by adding a custom css
display: contents
to the bg video

Seems to work very fine but i’d like to know if i can do that without custom code


Hi @David_Demri,

You should be able to do this without that code. Please post your read only link so we can take a look.


Yes and the problem with this technique is that the next section comes under the Navbar…

I’ve put it back with margin-top:-60px and removed the custom code

Sorry i didn’t understand the read-only system
Here is the link: @garymichael1313


It’s working by setting display: table-row

It’s the solution while waiting for something without custom code