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Background video bad quality - want to use CDN


I am new to Webflow so please forgive if i’m asking a question which may have been asked before.
Before i buy the siteplan i have to be sure the video implementation works fine and in a good quality.
After the transcoding of Webflow a MP4 with a 10 second-animation i have done in After Effects looks really bad. So i would like to have another way to put i background video in a way better quality.
I have thought about using Dropbox or another CDN (No YT or Vimeo, as i want not to have any controls on the clip!!!). I can’t find the workflow for it though and i’m not sure if Webflows siteplan does have a CDN for this purpost, too, as they say they are using CDN…

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Webflow only provides for video uploads via the background video element. Video’s uploaded that way are encoded for BG Video (low quality) and are limited to 30MB. They do get served via Webflow’s CDN.

If you are looking for high quality playback, Webflow supports Vimeo and Youtube URL’s in the Video Element. The players can’t be further updated when using this method.

Webflow does support custom code in the Embed Element which many use to deliver both third party video player API’s as well as native HTML5 video. The method is well documented on the web. For example one can use the Vimeo player API to control almost every aspect of the player when using a Vimeo asset.

If using the native HTML5 video element in an embed, you will have to host or provide the URL to the video source. Webflow does not allow for these source files to be uploaded to the assets panel, nor does it provide hosting of these files.

Further searches of the forum would provide plenty of topics with solutions for what is being discussed. No point in rehashing it in this post.

Hello Jeff

I would like to try out then a workaround with the embed code and a video hosted on another CDN.
Is it really true I have to buy a site plan first? Because if it doesn’t work the way I want it to, there is no need for me to buy the site plan…




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If you have a paid Webflow account or if your project has an active site plan, you can add custom code and scripts that are applied to your entire site or to individual pages in your site. This can be useful for adding additional HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

However testing HTML5 video does not require Webflow since when doing an embed with a source that is not hosted by Webflow will behave the same way for the client everywhere the HTML is hosted. The performance is controlled by the host of the source file. So you could create a video demo on for example.

I am sure if you search the forum you will find numerous examples since it is quite common to use custom video with advanced users.