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Background option behind assets

It would be nice to have the option to change the background behind the image preview with a light/dark option. It’s no biggie with JPEGs, but the transparency of the PNGs when part of the image is almost the same color as the background renders the preview almost useless for quick viewing.

Notice the difference below between the dark version of some icons vs. the light versions.

If not having the option to change it, perhaps a global fix would be to make the background you already have a more neutral gray?

Thanks for considering this!

Hey @ctotty great suggestion! :slight_smile: Did you know that you can also view images in the asset manager in different view modes as well as sort them?

Hi, @Waldo,
Yes, the screenshot I sent was of the images at their largest size… still very difficult to see dark PNGs on dark background.

While choosing a LOT of those dark PNGs last night, I would view them in my folder window on my computer, look at the name of the image, and then scroll through in list view until I found it. A time-consuming hack, but a workaround nonetheless. :slightly_smiling:

That also reminded me that it would be nice to have a search by word option for the assets.

I LOVE working in Webflow, but it’s amazing the things you find that would help workflow. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the response.