Background of Sections not appearing on mobile or tablet screens

Hello, anyone who may have the answer I’m looking for (and anyone else for that matter.)

I’m working on a website design that I’m still in the stages of building out specific pages. I have one page specifically that is giving me a bit of a hard time. I’m fairly new to building websites in general so forgive me for my lack of vocabulary, wrong use of classes/subclasses, etc.

For this specific page, while in preview, everything seems to be functioning properly. I’ve published the site and the page is also functioning properly on desktop.

My problem is when I view the page on mobile (iPhone XR) and Tablet (iPad Pro 11 inch).

There are a two sections at the bottom of this page that are not loading properly. The section I have a form on seems to be loading with a transparent background color when I first scroll to it. If I scroll back to the previous section, the background color will show, but then the previous section will show a transparent background color. This will keep happening as I scroll back and forth.

If this helps, the only lines of code I’ve added that should be effecting this page is typed.js that I’ve added to the custom code section for this entire project. I also have some lottie files that I’ve converted from mp4 that are loading slowly, if at all. Might be cause the issue?..

Any help is greatly appreciated, and apologies in advance for the book I’ve wrote in this post…

Here is my site Read-Only: ** Webflow - ATD - Refresh **

The Live Page is here → Full Service Package