Background of Section not staying Centred when set Fixed?

…I have a Section with a Background Image that fills the entire Section.
…I have it set to the Center, and it looks perfect…
However, when I set it to “Fixed”, it’s position moves up slightly, even when still set to Center.

Technically, I can fix this by ‘guessing’ the Percentage it needs to be moved down.
…However I would much rather have it remain perfectly centered when I set it to Fixed.

Why is the Background Image of the Section moving off from Center when I set it to Fixed?
…And is there a way to maintain the same Centered position while Fixed, as when Not-Fixed?

Thanks in advance!


Hey there,

can you share a read-only link to check what settings you are using.


That happens because if you’re gonna have the background image fixed, it needs to fill the entire section height, so you can achieve the fixed effect.

The background is going to be centered perfectly whenever the user is scrolling exactly halfway through the section.