Background not covering the whole page


I am having a few problems with the Contact page of my website

On the tablet size the background colour doesn’t go to the bottom of the page and on mobile portrait there is too much background colour at the bottom of the page, I’m guessing they are both related problems but I can’t work it out.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Are you talking about the dark beige bg?

I was, but I think I may have fixed that now, but in each page there is a copyright line, how can I just get that to go to the bottom of the page?

Also on the contact page, there is a copyright and an address in Gibraltar at the bottom and I need to get them to line up at the bottom, I think the way I have done it is wrong.

Sorry, this is my first ever project and I’m having a few problems.

You did not. Probably you are looking on a smaller resolution device where it may seem so but it is not. The beige bg spans only the space of elements inside of it. In the case of larger resolution the elements will take just a part of the screen resulting in the bg to end before the page bottom.

All your questions could be solved by using “flex” display settings in your layout. I suggest you give it a read/watch. I guarantee you will gain much from this.

Thank you, I’ll have a look at that.

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Hey, can you mention more about it, basically sometime picture resolution is to high which is not fit to screen and not cover the whole screen and we though it destroyed. Please mention more details about it.
Regards: aicok juicer