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Background Images not showing on live site

Two background images on the site (About Lexie and Yoga pages) below show fine in Webflow but when exported down’t show on the live site, any thoughts please.

On your exported site, the bg is well defined as you can see here:

However, if you follow the link, the image is not there:

So do the following:

Import again your images in webflow, and this time, secure them the most you can: filename of only 8 character, no spaces, no weird thing.

Then declare them on the backgrounds and publish your site again, should work.

That is very odd, that was an old image and wasn’t the one referenced in the section. Both image links in the code above are incorrect and to get this work I had to separately upload both images into the images folder before it worked.
There seems to be a problem with the export.

If you have used the same file names between the old and new images, errors can happen. And not only because of Webflow. There can be a series of reasons. When you replace an image, it’s a good idea to also append its name so you work with unique only names and avoid hickups.

No, they were completely different names - the first were more complex with dashes etc, the second the simple 8 character words. I’m not sure what you mean about appending its name, I simply clicked on the image in Webflow and replaced it with the correct one.

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