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Background Image Transitions not working in Firefox or IE

I have the buttons on my page do a rollover and a transition. The transition works in chrome but not Firefox or IE. Any ideas?

Which version of Firefox and IE are you testing on?

Firefox 26 and IE 10

It looks like the prefixes are being added, and the transitions are working in my tests.

Can you confirm that you’ve cleared your cache and tried to reload the site?


I cleared my cache and reloaded the site, but the issue still persists. I did notice that transitions that involve of background color works in all browsers, but images do not.

@rich_cpmfg Can you point to the specific transitions that aren’t working? Perhaps using a screenshot?

Thanks for helping us pin it down.

Here is the screenshot, the ones marked by the red arrow have transitions. The SUBSCRIBE button where the only thing that is changing is the background color works in all browsers.

Oh interesting! This is the first we’ve heard of a background-image transition.

It looks like only Chrome, Safari & Opera support this. If you’d like to achieve a similar effect in older browsers, you might need to set something up using opacity instead.

At any rate, thanks for the heads up.