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Background image replaced by example-bg.png when dupplicating projet


When I dupplicate a project which has background images, the dupplicated project replace the background-image by the placeholder example-bg.png. The original image is still available in the assets.

I tried this with an existing project, and then I tried it with a new project (with nothing else in it than a div with a bakground image with background-size: cover) and I had the same result.

Hope you’ll track the bug soon cause I really need to dupplicate my project.

Here is my site Read-Only for the dupplicated site:

Here is my site Read-Only for the original site:

Thanks !

Hi @leyumyum, John here.

This definitely looks like unexpected behavior and I’m looking into it now with our team. I took a look and was able to reproduce the same behavior you described — background images being replaced by “Example-bg.png” when duplicating a site. Just to be sure I didn’t miss anything, we currently have some resident Designer experts taking another look.

If they also aren’t able to find the issue, we will escalate this to our engineers who will be able to triage and hopefully fix the bug here.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help here, and I’ll reach out with new information as soon as I have it.

Hi @johnramos,

Thanks for the reply.
Do you have any update about this issue ?
I made an other try and it’s still happening.
I suppose you caught that but in case you didn’t: that bug doesn’t happen if you let the background size to cover…
Hope you’ll catch it soon.

Hi there @leyumyum,

Our engineers have deployed a fix for the placeholder appearing rather than the background image when duplicating a project so that should now resolve this issue.

Please test again and let us know if any further issue.


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Hi !

That works !
Thank you guys !

Experienced this same issue and opened a different thread on the same issue. Did another project copy and now the background images are being copied to the new duplicated project. Thanks WF Staff.

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