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Background Image Not Appearing on Published Site

I prepared a very simple site in webflow with a big picture as the fill image for the body with four links over it to different sites of mine. This all looks normal in webflow but when I publish it there is no background image at all on the site. I looked at the source and I didnt see a mention of the background image file but I am also not super experienced with examining page sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The site is currently live at:

Hi @bob! Sorry about that. It looks like our exporter has an issue with your background image filename. If you rename the file and remove the parenthesis ( ) characters, the export should complete properly.

Also- I noticed your image was around 4MB. You might want to resize the image for users on slower connections and mobile devices.

Try using this image, and see if that helps.

Thank you @danro those changes worked perfectly. For some reason the site was still exporting the original image even though I replaced it with the one you provided but after I cleared the image out of all media queries and re uploaded the new file it worked perfectly.