Background Image Issues

For some reason, the black paisley only appears on part of my commerce pages on the Mobile version. I hid the Black Paisley background and only let the ‘Fixed BG’ be visible because otherwise, the background covers the products once published, which, for some reason, Webflow Preview will not show.

If someone else could take a look at how to rearrange my footer, that would be amazing, too. I still struggle to understand the grids.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Copy of Hells Canyon Bolo Co.)
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Hi @Fiona_Montagne

Just change this :

Or put the black paisley as Body background?

And what is wrong with your footer? Seems fine to me

Hey! I fixed the footer so it’s all good. I have the black paisley as the body background but it covers the products on the mobile version. I zoomed in but now the picture itself is too zoomed in…