Background image flashing on scroll up


I had a hero header section with a background image - this image was absolute, the section was sticky. The rest of the page content then scrolls up over the top of it. This works perfectly on all sizes, however on mobile and tablet (both android) if I scroll up really quickly the background image flashes in-between page sections. It’s only occurs between page sections as they ‘re-load’ on scroll up.

I’ve removed it entirely for now so I can move forward.

I feel like it’s because these page sections momentarily go transparent when they’re not on screen. I’ve played with z-index, relative, lazy load, and a few other things but I really have no idea what’s causing this.

Anyone familiar with this? Is this a bug?


Do you have a read-only link where I can see this live?

When you say the image was position absolute, was this image in a div behind the content? I am not sure how you set position absolute on the background of a sticky section.

Edit: did you mean Fixed position on the background? A live link would be really helpful