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Background header change

I’m trying to create the following - where the section reaches the header the background of the header changes to the same colour as the section body colour. See this example here as you scroll:

I have set about creating different header sections that show and hide as you scroll through sections, but i’m having trouble getting the interaction to happen at the right point, % offset in scroll doesn’t work, and i’m racking my brain trying to work out how to do this! any help would be much appreciated! below is the link where i have got to.

Hey maybe this is a help:

First clear all interactions (delete them).
Then select only your “Services” section.
Goto Interactions and create an interaction called “Header Interactions”.

Within there create the first scroll trigger and set the values to:

Then create a secont scroll trigger within this interaction and set it to:

It should look like this:

Try it :).

p.s. be sure to delete all interactions first, so there will be no interference.


@Daniel_Schultheiss Thanks for the help! This is starting to work! I’m now a little confused on how i would add a third and a fourth header change into this? Any Ideas?


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