Background gradient not showing unless I select a parent element container?

Hey! Strange behavior here, right?

Check out this screen video:

Meta: I have a background gradient that doesn’t show up unless I click to the parent container. In the video, I start clicked on the image, then all I do is just click the “up” arrow to get to the parent elements, then the background only shows up once I reach the dynamic list container. Even weirder still, the background doesn’t show up when I publish the site, but if I just do what is in the video above and publish it, then the background shows up.

Any idea why this is? I’m glad it looks right after I do this, but it doesn’t seem to be a legitimate “fix” so I’m just worried that it will show up on different screens differently?

This is at the bottom of any of the portfolio grids I have set up; here’s an example of one at the bottom of this page:

And here’s my read only share link:

Hi @adiggy,

I checked out the live site and preview link and it looks like the issue is resolved.

Did you find a solution for this, or are you still seeing the gradient only when the element is selected?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

Hey! Yeah, it works fine, it’s just strange that sometimes the background gradient goes away in the midst of designing (don’t remember exactly when it happens, but I can let you know next time it does) and in order to “fix” it, I just move up the selection hierarchy. It’s just strange behavior that I wanted to bring to your attention just in case it’s a sign of a deeper bug?

Thanks for letting us know!

I was unable to reproduce the odd behavior. I am going to mark this issue as solved for now, but if you can find the steps to reproduce the behavior, please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hey! Was able to reproduce the strange behavior, simply by copying and pasting the whole div. Check it:

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