Background disappears when browser is resized?

I want to have a page with an image which opens to fill my browser window, but also has a logo on top which is opaque and rescales differently to the ‘under’ image.

i have set an image to the background and have another image on top… but when i try changing the size of my browser, if i go too narrow the background disappears and the front image gets resized down suddenly. how can I rectify this?

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Hi @theprune, Welcome to the Webflow Community.

You have all sorts of c-razy things going on there! :see_no_evil:

Your breakpoints are set to show different things. So when you resize the browser, although you’re on a desktop, the website is showing the iPad version when you resize a bit smaller, the mobile versions when you resize even smaller than that.


Remove the display settings on the background settings for the iPad/tablet breakpoint.

If you’re new to Webflow, I would recommend watching some University videos as they will prove invaluable to you.

thanks! I have been watching videos and trying things out on the side, apologies if I’m asking something which is directly covered in the videos…

I was surprised to discover that the ‘background’ tab is under the style section, so you can set a different back ground for each view, but unlike, say, the width attribute, when I change the background on the laptop view, the background doesn’t appear - the style has not cascaded down to the other sheets. i have to change the background on each setting to get it on all of them. Is this because I have something set wrong? Otherwise, how do i set a background for all views at once?

EDIT: got it now! thanks