Background color of Hamburger menu button

Hello there!

I was wondering how you can change the background of the hamburger menu when the States-options doesn’t help?
The menu background, when opened, has opacity, so it shows the hamburger menu button/background through the menu.
And the background of the button becomes light grey-ish when clicked, and I can’t seem to change it anywhere.

This is in tablet/phone view.

Link to site:

Thanks in advance!


Here’s a superb gif made by @samliew that shows how to :smiley:

Darn it, I feel so stupid right now… :sweat_smile:

Thanks again Vincent! :slight_smile:

Well do,'t, it’s not an obvious one at all… had to search on the forum :smiley:

Well, maybe not… :laughing:
Makes me feel a bit better!

It’s quite logic… I just need some more coffee! :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to invent

Yes, I think you do…

I’m a Swede, we never stop drinking coffee :stuck_out_tongue:
So it might also be:

And if you type Sweden then you get a yes at any time :smiley:

Yes, exactly!

This would be an awesome site, especially Swedes would love it :ok_hand:

Just say GO, and I’ll help you with the design! :smile:

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