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Background Color Interactions Glitchy


My colored background interactions are a bit glitchy when scrolling. I cannot figure out what is causing this. Any help would be much appreciated.

*I believe the glitch only happens once you scroll to the bottom and then back toward the top.

Here is my public share link:
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Share link is broken :slight_smile:

@shokoaviv Thanks. Please see new link below.


Whats wrong with the scrolling, everything looks fine. Please explain the glitch, attach a screenshot.

Scroll all the way to the bottom then scroll up. (I believe it’s only happening on desktop). You will notice the background colors will glitch in and out. Let me know if you are able to replicate, if not I will screen record. Thanks!

Please have a look at my screen recording attached.

Screen Recording

Note glitches happen at:

18 seconds
22 seconds
33 seconds
36 seconds

Thanks for the screen recording. I’ve checked it both on Safari and Chrome and what I can see is smooth background colors transition… :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re testing it on preview mode? It sometimes can get glitchy, website looks great tho

@Polarmesh @shokoaviv

After doing more testing, it appears the glitch only happens on desktop when using chrome (Google Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bi)).

Not sure if there is anything I can do on my end because it is browser specific.