Background Color change on scroll and animation

Hi guys!
I have been inspired by this website and was wondering if you can help me figure out how to achieve the changing background color on scroll effect. Is it CSS or a separate animation done in After effects maybe as a lottie animation?

My second question is do you know what kind of animation is used for the picture transformation on scroll?

Thank you very much in advance.

hi @Atanas_Malamovand Welcome. It can be achieved with plain CSS and Webflow actions.

Hi Stan! Thank you. I figured i could use the interactions panel to do color change on scroll. I will try with the images today. How about the scrolling calendar in the background ?

You can use browser Dev Tools to look inside Page

I did. I was not able to find anything on that.

Calendar is build with CSS Grid. As this is not relevant to original question I will stop here.

Thank you ! Very helpful