Back to top button leads to Error 406

Hello everyone,
I have followed a few guides on how to make a back to top button, it works perfectly in the editor while previewing. However when it’s published to my live site, pressing the button leads to an 406 Not Acceptable link. Here is the live website if you want to see the problem itself.

Any help would be great!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK (As you can see the button works as intended)

Hi @atshl, try using the link to section Link setting instead.

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 22.09.38

Hi @dennyhartanto,

Not sure this suggestion helps me with my problem, tried it out and it’s still the same issue.

@atshl do you have any script on the project level custom code? sure is a weird issue. I tried creating buttons from console on the other pages and its the same issue.

Edit: if you need a quick fix in case you’re chasing a timeline you can use the complete instead of just #merchant-top on the link url

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Hi @dennyhartanto, I do not have any custom code.

Your suggestion of using the full link url happened to work!

Thanks so much, although still unsure what led to this problem hahaha

Hi @atshl , just know that’s not an ideal solution as the URL is still messy. It sure is an odd problem.