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Back button link to a specific tab

Hi, I have done some research on this topic on the forums but some of the things I found were a little over my head and then I could not tell if it was the same exact case as mine. Would someone help me find a straight answer to this issue?

Here’s my read link:

On the work/portfolio area when I click on one of the projects I would like to have a button to the same area on the portfolio page where I’m coming from. As you can see the portfolio page has 3 different tabs. How do I target each tab so the back button directs to the right tab where the user is coming from? Currently it always goes back to the first tab (web & email).

I’ve tried assigning an ID to each tab but it didn’t work. Tried the `javascript:history.back(1); with no such luck. I appreciate any help,


Hi @Anderstone, thanks for your post. At the moment it is not possible to link the back button to a certain tab natively.

Here is a post that may help, which talks about linking to a specific tab: Linking to Specific Tab from another Link or Button

The back button is a browser feature, when it is used the page reloads the tab in it’s original state and shows the default tab.

I hope this helps to give you some ideas, it might be possible to do this somehow using javascript or to create links on your portfolio pages that direct a user to an anchor point on the original page, for example, on the original page you are linking back to, create an id in element settings for the element that should load with focus, lets say the element id is “section-tab” then the link to that anchor point would be something like

See how to set anchor links here:

I hope this helps

Thank you @cyberdave those links you provided were helpful. They also made me realize that my tabs were a manual setup instead of the module that so conveniently Webflow offers. I switched to the module and things with the back link button are working great now, thank you very much!

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Hi @Anderstone, so awesome to hear, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: