Back button is stopping my preloader

Hi all! I’ve been working on a site and everything seems fine until I came across a certain bug im not sure how to solve.

When I click my links, the preloader seems to be fine. But when I go back (using the Chrome browser back button), it freezes my preloader and my page won’t show (just the preloader).

I’m not so sure if I’m missing an animation step, but I really can’t figure it out


Hey @Bianca_Are

It works fine for me. Which page is freezing, I didn’t see it, everything works great on the live site!

Thank you again for the quick response!

Unfortunately, I think the issue is in the mobile live view of the site?

The mobile works for me too! It’s look great actually. You did a fantastic job on this design, I love it! Everything is working on my laptop and phone. Now I am on the staging site, not a live domain. What’s the live URL?