Average document content loaded time (sec)

Hi! Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but we rebranded/redesigned our site last month and we have noticed the only place we have gone up (in a bad way) in google analytics is “average document content loaded time (sec)” this is at about 25% longer since the redesign.

Any idea what exactly this is, or how i can optimize to improve this?


It looks like a a third-party app you integrated into your site is causing the higher load time:

More info here:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

So one thing we are confused about is that the main pages its slowed on are a bunch of the blog pages http://appcues.com//blog/67-open-source-modal-window-plugins-made-with-jquery-javascript-css-and-more

this is our most visited blog page effected, it actually went up 10.73% :frowning: but we dont have drift on this page so it should not be effecting it.

The only thing i added differently to the blog since the redesign is the loading bar at the top of the page could that be affecting it?

This blog page in particular went up 815%!

Any thoughts?

look through the waterfalls on this report:

you’ll see which third-party apps are causing the load times.

Thank you so much, sending this over to someone to look through. My main question/concern is that i didnt actually change anything on these pages, I had my site already designed and built in webflow and copied it to a new project to reskin, so im not sure where those items would of been added?