Autoplay Youtube Video in Lightbox

Is there a way to auto play a youtube video in the new Webflow lightbox?

Passing on YouTube Parameters through the URL doesn’t seem to be working (

While I’m not a huge advocate of auto play, in the light box situation, the user has already clicked the thumbnail to load the video, which is enough action on their end in my mind to merit starting the video for them.


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Totally makes sense @stephenchai. We’ll make it default or give you the option in lightbox settings.


Providing an option gives webflow more flexibility

Rock and roll! Thanks theserge and webflow!

Talking options, is there also any way to add to videos the option to force HD? Like when we add &hd=1 to a Youtube URL.

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Hi Sergie,

So is it possible to enable autoplay for videos contained within Lightbox? you mentioned an option, is it available? Thank you!

Videos autoplay by default when opened in a lightbox. :slight_smile:

My YouTube video doesn’t autoplay, do I need a special setting? eg autoplay=1? thank you…

Depends, if this is the only parameter, autoplay for Youtube videos is ?autoplay=1
It’s going to be ?autoplay=1 if there’s more than one parameter (for example ?hd=1&autoplay=1 autoplays in 720p mini)

BUT I don’t know if this works in/with Webflow.

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Try to drag in a new lightbox and re-add your video.

autoplay set on by default… but can autoplay be shut off as well? i can’t find any setting for this.

sorry to open such an old thread… this was the closest discussion i could find to my issue.

Wondering the same thing. Is there any way to turn autoplay OFF?

@thesergie yeah, would be super awesome to allow parameters to be recognized with the video file URL or to have check boxes to turn those on or off. Will you put this on the dev punchlist?

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this is not working now. no autoplay in lightbox. please help

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I’ve the same problem. No autoplay. What should I do?

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adding &autoplay=true at the end works now