Autoplay video and ATTRIBUTES CMS load PROBLEM

Hello guys!

Greeting everyone!
I am building my portfolio site and now have a small problem at the WORK section, where i have CMS loaded video thumbnails with “autoplay on hover” function.

you can found the autoplay code within the “collection list” in the Embed code item.
So it’s worked well, till i started to use “CMS load more” from Attributes.
Try to press “Next” at the bottom of the list and the Newly loaded items does not have the “autoplay on hover” function.

So i think because the script needs to run again after Attributes loads the items.

Am i right?
Can somene help me with this?

(ignore the empty thumbnails, i haven’t uploaded all the videos yet)

Thank you very much!

Here is my site Read-Only:
link to my site

Here is the live demo:
live demo