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Autoplay looped videos in page will stop playing after a while

(hey sorry if this doesn’t belong here, I’m not sure if this is whether a design or anything else related issue)

Hi everyone,

Not sure I’m gonna be able to fix this but some of you guys here could have encountered this in the past and have knowledge I don’t.

Here’s a page from my portfolio, showcasing work I’ve done ;

I’ve used a lot of videos in that page, see here how I’ve done with with an embed code :

<video style="width:100%;" no-controls autoplay loop muted>
<source src="" type='video/mp4'>

Yep, the videos are hosted on Google Drive, not the best for video streaming I assume but that’s the most convenient way I’ve found. I’m using Chrome.

My issue is : videos will stop playing after a while, whether you’re viewing the page or an other tab. To try to reproduce the error, I’d suggest leaving the tab open for 5 minutes (or more) and going back at it.

My question is : is there a way to avoid this? Does this have to deal with some performance optimisation?

I don’t think you’ll need it but here’s my RO link anyway.

Thanks in advance to you stranger if you stop by and take the time to help!