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Autoplay background video in IOS stoped workin

The background videos dosent autoplay on iOS devices any longer. It has probably something to do with iOS update, but will it be fixed any time soon?


I would suggest reaching out to Webflow support for this, but @Brando you have any idea on this issue?

@mistercreate or @PixelGeek any thoughts too?

Its not urgent and I thought if anyone else experienced this issue, its good if the answer could be found in the forum, since Ive seen some Webflow staff here. :slight_smile:

I attached their names to my post.

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Background videos may not autoplay on touch devices if a site visitor has enabled data saver . - From the university - background videos


Hi @Svarte_Peter_J_Barte,

Thanks for letting us know, and I’d be happy to take a look for you.

Would you be able to provide your project’s Read-Only link? I may check for you to see if this may be a widespread issue, or a browser setting.

Thanks in advance :bow

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