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Automatically set filter based on current day of the Week

I’m beginning a project where I will have multiple businesses listed that have recurring weekly events, so I want to be able to display todays events only.

Is there a way I could set an option field with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc… then set the filter on my dynamic list to visible when option(weekday) matches current day?

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Yes. You can do that. Just click on the dynamic list containing the information you want displayed, set the filter to show only if that list is “whatever day.” is referenced from the field.

I know I can manually set which day to display, but I was hoping that it could automatically detect which day it was.

For example, on Monday it detects the day and only displayes those set to “Monday.” On Tuesday it detects the new day and changes what is visible to Tuesday. And thus repeats as the weeks go by.

Ah, I misunderstood. I’m betting there’s a javascript, but I don’t know it. Hope you can find an answer!

A solution for this would also be very beneficial to a project that I’m working on, if anyone could provide any insight

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